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Gray, Green, Blue Palette

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This Palette Is Associated With The Blog Post “How To Find An Image Consultant That Can Transform Your Life”.

The purpose of the Coordinated Ensemble Color Palette is to accommodate you with color coordination and patterns for your wardrobe and home and office décor, in addition to all other respects. The palette is supplemental to the C Color App.

Owning to the fact that the palette is associated with the C Color Spectrums, it is a prerequisite to take the C Color Quiz.

The C Color Coordinates palette consists of three ensembles containing six colors and patterns, totaling 18 samples.

The colors and patterned swatches are recommended as potential garments. All colors and offered patterns can be intermixed. The palette assists you with coordinating C Color Spectrum 3 hues with patterned items.

Please note that locating identical patterned items and colors is not the intent of the palette. 

The Palette Is Digital And Not Designed To Print